Lisa Harmey graduated in Architecture at University College Dublin (BArch.) in Ireland, did post-graduation study at University of East London in UK, & became a registered Architect in the UK  in 1997. Early career included, brief periods with Norman Foster’s Japan office & minimalist John Pawson, office buildings for Rosehaugh Stanhope at John Outram Assoc.s in London UK, Leicester School of Engineering & Manufacture (an early “green” building) by Peake Short & Partners also UK and a year working on social housing projects at Etra Architects in Paris, France. 


In London, UK, Project/Design Architect for a new apartment building at DQA  was followed by listed building (designated structure) apartment refurbishment & other projects. Commercial experience includes Project Architect for, a large shopping centre tensile structure, and large residential buildings. Small projects carried out as Lisa Harmey Architect from 1997 included alterations and extensions to a large private house, and an apartment refurbishment, some listed (designated) renovation and various small commercial projects. L1 was formed in 2005, prior to relocating in Ontario west of Toronto, a company with interests in compact housing, modern construction methods and, global mobility.

In Canada freelance ‘residential expert’ work for Six Degrees Architecture & Design Inc. Toronto, was followed by design Architect for Thier and Curran Architects Inc., a practice involved in downtown regeneration in Hamilton Ontario. 

Ontario Building Code exams were completed in 2008, success followed in the Canadian EXAC examinations. Other recent activities include City of Vaughan, Ontario, design review panel 2011-2013 & 2015-18, visiting design tutor roles in Asia as well as review at University of Westminster, London, UK. Engaging in competition and occasional provocation projects, to exercise muscle, some of these can be seen by following the link here: https://sites.google.com/site/l1architecturesite/ 

Based in the UK, adjacent to Regents canal, the office, is working on private residential designs as always and collaborations https://youtu.be/8QYpKrEXzwc, with now small commercial and, is interested in, the continuing implications of globalisation and, living space in London. This year we are delighted to offer a Unit at the Welsh School of Architecture in Cardiff on the degree course. Students will undertake a study & proposition unit centered on the Regents Canal.