Apartment living

Project to maximise the potential of a small southfacing garden apartment in London, UK. The apartment connects via the garden level right of way to a canal, a popular cycling and walking route to transit & city centre.

Space was carved out below ground by damproofing vaults, storage was gained by utilising under stair space. The kitchen was organised to take up only one wall, a new stair was installed to free up space for the living room & for a second work/sleeping area. The bathroom was made smaller but better by re-planning. Ventilation & new lighting were added, including fresh air intake & permanent extract, a load-bearing partition was removed to allow the spaces to connect. It’s a very popular spot! Small plot urbanism, #sum_of_the_parts…





At its narrowest this project is just 12′, reknowned housing Professor Avi Friedman has published a book on the use of narrow spaces.



New stair

New connection

New kitchen




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