In 1964 in Kitchener, Ontario a group of six architectural firms worked to produce a masterplan for the city’s Civic District. They worked over some time, entirely for free, to advise and help their city.

Similarly, the attached scheme was produced by L1, in 2010 after a one day charrette in the offices of local architect John MacDonald Architect Inc. to help evaluate proposals for a former Tannery on a central downtown site.

A group of industrial buildings, were initially to be razed for a temporary surface lot (with a later 5 storey parking garage construction) and restored industrial chimney -however downtown has many surface lots…!

As a result the proposal was revised for a temporary parking lot with a mixed use building and underground car-parking projected to commence in 18 months. In fact, by strenuous efforts one building was retained.., the developer later moved on leaving a car park and making a large profit, but in 2018 the 55m long, groundscraper is being let to an internationally reputed client.



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