This is an update post on a previous post titled #WESEEBUTTERFLIES considering the Regents Canal in London at the stretch between Islington & Hackney.

Now we witness a period of hyper-mobility (& delapidations) which gathers pace.. This is differentiated from picturesque texture or any “cosy” urban grit, it is more a disruptive and chaotic scramble. This is how things are, so many moving parts, some very fast, a lot of work, new & old modes (DIYed carts, scooters, suicidal on-roading) even tuk-tuks. Is this just big city stuff trying to “rub along”?

We see a lot of neglect and simultaneously sustainability thinking is asking us to consider repair and maintenance as existential problems. But this is just inevitable, slow renewal right? You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs…

*We are working with local authority & a TRA group on #futures, visions.. plans.

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