Dance Pavilion**



An important but variably constructed, badly used and in need of care(!), community treasure in a small southern Ontario town.

Designing a creative preservation plan (BCA) for a place of fleeting but intense assembly. Built as a dance pavilion, when the railroad still ran to Port Stanley on Lake Erie.., to hold gatherings in a large park, drawing custom for the railway.

Minimal servicing diminishes costly maintenance duties and allows for the adhoc. & the improvisational… For example, stand alone heaters enable “special” cold weather adaptations & events to take place on the open lower level.

Old additions obstructing the ground plane can be removed or minimised, shutters are repaired and re-instated to facilitate secure locking down of a substantial but only intermittently used, albeit well-loved, venue. A traditional barn-style ramp is considered…


**Project carried out as design consultant on behalf ofPicture2


for the municipality of St. Thomas, Ontario.

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