Project, to design an urban living model, on a central site in a large city in Northern Italy. TheĀ  courtyards are oriented North-South to avoid so far as possible direct incidence of midday sun on apartments, except in winter, when each block receives some exposure. Externally openings are smaller & thermal mass is deployed to cool & insulate. Taking the courtyard as a precedent, the situation and commercial demands result nonetheless in a space which while supplying fresh, cleaner, air & light, a chance for some things to grow, open-ended circulation space, still seems inadequate.

By working with access & escape, the secondary circulation network is used to host green infrastructure & certain common functions, such as growing spaces, services equipment accommodation, outdoor storage & a high level recreational opportunity for residents. The loop or criss- crossing paths, host rainwater fed greenery & suitable plants, to hybridise the traditional courtyard function to host contemporary life.


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